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Special Needs Hounds

The following special needs basset hounds have been rescued by Basset Hound Rescue of Georgia, Inc. and are available for adoption to the right home.

If you are considering adopting one of our bassets, please review our adoption process and submit an adoption application.

Last Updated: April 19, 2024.


Evita is 8 years old. She has been around children but is not anxious to be with them. She doesn't respond to their attempts to play with her. She will keep her distance around anyone new. She hasn't warmed up to many and it's taken a long time for her to feel comfortable around them. She is easily startled by sudden sounds and movements. Evita doesn't tell you, as she seldom makes a sound, when she has to go outside, but will, most times, show you by walking or running and waiting at the door. You have to keep an eye on her. She has had an occasional accident. There are times she has to go out at any hour of the night. She will walk, or trot around in hopes someone will hear her or see that she wants to go outside before she heads for the door. Evita has ongoing medical problems that require frequent vet checks. She suffers from infections of her ears, eyes, and skin and joint pain. All must be treated once or twice a day with prescribed pills, ointments, mousse, and cleansers. Medicated baths are required every week or two. She also had a cancerous nodule removed and she is checked regularly for that but no other treatment needed has been required. Adoption Pending!

Evita's Sponsors

  • Clark & Darlene McDonald - Johns Creek, GA. In honor of Honey and Satchmo, our rescued bassets, who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
You can also sponsor a Basset Hound in need through our Georgia Peach program.


Major is tri-colored fellow who found himself homeless when his owner could no longer care for him due to declining health. Major is around 5 years old. Recently, Major became very ill due to a mass on his lungs and will not be with us very long. Major will be kept comfortable on palliative care in his foster home.

Major's Sponsors

  • Matt & Kerri James - Big Canoe, GA. In honor of Murphy's 2nd Birthday.
  • Charlie Hill - Decatur, GA. In memory of Duchess, Duke, and Mitzi.
You can also sponsor a Basset Hound in need through our Georgia Peach program.


Olive is a red & white girl who is 7 years old. She is a wonderful sweetheart who has acute dermatitis which she will have for life. It is being managed with vaccine serum shots and medicated baths. She goes to a doggie dermatologist for treatment. Olive would be a wonderful companion for someone who is committed to lifelong skin care for her. She also is just starting heartworm treatment as of April 2024. She is being cared for and loved in her wonderful foster home.

Olive's Sponsors

  • Brick & Julie Bills - Sandy Springs, GA. In honor of Scarlett & Melanie.
  • Anonymous
You can also sponsor a Basset Hound in need through our Georgia Peach program.


Sully is a red & white boy who was picked up as a stray by a local animal control. Since his owners never came forward, he found himself in BHRG's care. After an MRI, it was determined he has Spinal Arachnoid Diverticulum which is a spinal disorder possibly caused by trauma or genetics. This disorder affects his movement as he is uncoordinated and is ataxic in all 4 legs. Surgery is not an option. He is not in pain from this condition, but it will not get better.

Sully's Sponsors

  • Andrea White - Port Saint Joe, FL. In honor of Scarlet.
  • Sherry Laemmermann - Canandaigua, NY. In honor of Lucy, the basset love of my life.
You can also sponsor a Basset Hound in need through our Georgia Peach program.


Winchester is a red & white boy who has been checked out by a BHRG vet. He's around 1 1/2 years old. Due to his partial blindness and PTSD, he is "Special Needs". He can sometimes surprise you with a growl and can snap when being handled. He is on meds which are helping with his anxiety. He is only being defensive because he was not treated well and was bullied by other dogs in his last home. He will need a home without other dogs or kids. Winchester has made progress in his foster home and has shown that having a routine, familiar surroundings, firm management when he acts up and lots of kind words and patience will help him with learning to trust and to be a good boy.

Winchester's Sponsors

  • The McCaffrey Family - Atlanta, GA. In memory of William J. McCaffrey and Rosie, in honor of Hugo.
You can also sponsor a Basset Hound in need through our Georgia Peach program.

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