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About Basset Hounds


tri-colored basset hound

Originally from France, the "basset" (low-set) was developed as a hunting hound that could be followed on foot. The Basset is heavier in bone, size considered, than any other breed. His temperament is mild, his devotion extreme. His scenting ability, second only to the Bloodhound, has made him an exceptional hunting and trailing dog. His long ears, facial wrinkles, deep muzzle and dewlaps help trap and hold the scent. While these characteristics might make him amusing in appearance, these characteristics are functional.


Many people think of the Basset as a small dog, but they are not. A "small" Basset might weigh 35 lbs, an average one 50 lbs., and there are even "large" Bassets weighing in at 65-70 lbs. Since Bassets can be prone to obesity, feed only a high quality food and watch those treats! The Basset is a fairly low maintenance breed with regard to grooming. Twice-monthly bathing, cleaning of inside the ear, and toenail trimming is all you need (and all the Basset will care to endure). Don't forget yearly vaccinations, and fecal and heartworm checks.


Bassets have easy-going temperaments, making both males and females excellent pets. They are strong-willed and intelligent, using these traits to their advantage. Basset Hounds love to be loved and need to be part of a family. If left alone for any length of time, consider another dog to keep your dog company. They do not need a huge yard or high fence, but their hunting instinct can get them into serious trouble unless they are confined to home or fenced yard.

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