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Special Needs Hounds

The following special needs basset hounds have been rescued by Basset Hound Rescue of Georgia, Inc. and are available for adoption to the right home.

If you are considering adopting one of our bassets, please review our adoption process and submit an adoption application.

Last Updated: November 21, 2022.


Update: Addison recently had a mass removed. Her cancer has metastasized so sadly, she will be on palliative care.

Addison came to BHRG from North Georgia where she had been turned in with her breeding partner, Colton, because she was no longer useful to a backyard breeder. She was in pretty rough shape upon arrival. 12.5 - 13 years old and riddled with Breast Cancer. You could see her ribs and was so thin - her boobies drug the ground and had sores on them. She also had many lumps and bumps on her back. The only good news was that she was heartworm negative! Sweet girl, you have seen your last days of ever putting up with that nonsense again!

Addison had 4 different surgeries from September to December of 2020. The first one was almost her last as she stopped breathing during surgery for her spay. Our great Docs brought her back to life and fixed her up over the next 4 months. In between those surgeries, Addison came home to be my Foster. It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be for her. She was scared all the time and would hide under the deck outside. I had to beg her with treats and very calm voice to come inside. Over the last 6 months, she finally came to trust me and knows she won't suffer any more abuse. Whatever life she had prior to BHRG is still in the background though - she runs from most people and has a tendency to hide when I have company. She also runs from loud noises and is scared of anything new. Addison needs a quiet home where she can relax and feel safe. Other dogs are okay but she tends to get overwhelmed and will keep to herself and hide. Recently, storms seem to bother her as well - she will want to be really close to you.

So far, she has been the perfect house guest. No accidents and is trained with a doggie door. She has dry eye and will have to have eye drops for the rest of her life. It is also important that any bumps or lumps that come up must be checked out as soon as possible due to her history of cancer. Our vets feel like they removed any and all cancer and surgery was curative but there is always a chance of recurrence in some other form. Crossed paws that doesn't happen! She loves belly rubs and nice soft beds to sleep in. Addison also loves to talk to you while you are getting her breakfast and dinner ready… as in you aren't moving fast enough, woof woof please hurry up! I know the first 12.5 years of her life were bad but the rest of her life will be amazing; she just needs lots of love, understanding, and patience!

Addison's Sponsors

  • Eric Herrli & Steven Campeau - Alpharetta, GA. In memory of Daisy, Sherman, Oscar and Sophie.
You can also sponsor a Basset Hound in need through our Georgia Peach program.


Bogey is a red and white fellow who recently had a mast cell tumor and hemangiosarcoma removed. The vets did get clean margins on both, but his undercarriage is riddled with hemangiosarcoma spots.

Bogey's Sponsors

  • Eric & Susan Restin - Alpharetta, GA. In loving memory of Polly.
You can also sponsor a Basset Hound in need through our Georgia Peach program.


Daniel came to BHRG from the shelter in Floyd County where his owners left him. This red & white boy is 13 years old. He is healthy, neutered, and ready for adoption. He loves all kinds of attention. He likes to play with the other dogs in our home. He is nearly housetrained and is doing well with his crate training. Even though he was left to fend for himself, he hasn't displayed any food aggression towards the other dogs. His ears are so long that they lay in his water bowl when he is drinking. He loves to go for walks with his foster family and walks very well on his leash. He's very loving, has been starved for affection, and really needs a stable home. We think his name should be "George", as in Curious George, because he is always snooping around and looking for something to investigate. He is super-protective of his "person" and needs a dog-savvy, "alpha" person who can discipline him and keep him from being a "brat". A home without children would be best for Daniel.

Daniel's Sponsors

  • Sherry Laemmermann - Canandaigua, NY. In honor of Lucy, the basset love of my life.
You can also sponsor a Basset Hound in need through our Georgia Peach program.


Evita is 8 years old. She has been around children but is not anxious to be with them. She doesn't respond to their attempts to play with her. She will keep her distance around anyone new. She hasn't warmed up to many and it's taken a long time for her to feel comfortable around them. She is easily startled by sudden sounds and movements. Evita doesn't tell you, as she seldom makes a sound, when she has to go outside, but will, most times, show you by walking or running and waiting at the door. You have to keep an eye on her. She has had an occasional accident. There are times she has to go out at any hour of the night. She will walk, or trot around in hopes someone will hear her or see that she wants to go outside before she heads for the door. Evita has ongoing medical problems that require frequent vet checks. She suffers from infections of her ears, eyes, and skin and joint pain. All must be treated once or twice a day with prescribed pills, ointments, mousse, and cleansers. Medicated baths are required every week or two. She also had a cancerous nodule removed and she is checked regularly for that but no other treatment needed has been required. Adoption Pending!

Evita's Sponsors

  • Clark & Darlene McDonald - Johns Creek, GA. In honor of Honey and Satchmo, our rescued bassets, who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
You can also sponsor a Basset Hound in need through our Georgia Peach program.


Lovena is a sweet pup that is around a year old. She came to us with many genetic problems including the worst elbow dysplasia we have seen. Her right foot ligaments are not there, so her foot looks like it is not attached. She was born very crooked all over. She walks and runs like a drunken sailor. But she doesn't know she is broken. She visited Loving Touch, and the vet said she is a orthopedic mess. She is being fitted for a brace so she can walk better. Thru it all she is an absolute love and had two temporary fosters fall in love with her. Lovena will soon have complicated orthro surgery for her crooked legs and once healed she will be staying with her foster mom who is also a vet. She is very loved. She hangs out with her foster mom at Loving Touch during the day when she is at work. We stay committed to her and love her and will keep looking for a special family for her.

Lovena's Sponsors

  • Jennifer Weizenecker - Atlanta, GA. In honor of my snugglehound Penny.
  • Laura Mashburn - Flowery Branch, GA. In loving memory of Bailey.
You can also sponsor a Basset Hound in need through our Georgia Peach program.

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