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Special Needs Hounds

The following special needs basset hounds have been rescued by Basset Hound Rescue of Georgia, Inc. and are available for adoption to the right home.

If you are considering adopting one of our bassets, please review our adoption process and submit an adoption application.

Last Updated: August 18, 2021.

Betty Lou

Betty Lou is a tri-colored girl who is 8-9 years old. She was picked up as a stray. Betty Lou had malignant cancer removed from her leg, but she still limps. She is also fighting kidney disease. Her foster family is taking wonderful care of Betty Lou.

Betty Lou's Sponsors

  • Russ & Barbara Robinson - Dunwoody, GA. In memory of our five wonderful bassets who brought us years of joy: Cleo, Happy, Bradley, Sherlock and Ally.
  • Christine Colborne - Ft. Myers, FL. In honor of all the BHRG Bassets I have loved who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
  • Linda Gregory - Sparta, GA. To my floppy eared friends. Love you forever.
  • Sara Martin - Ocean Springs, MS. In honor of our Rosie and Tanner. Both passed recently of kidney troubles and we miss them desperately.
You can also sponsor a Basset Hound in need through our Georgia Peach program.


Bogey is a red and white fellow who recently had a mast cell tumor and hemangiosarcoma removed. The vets did get clean margins on both, but his undercarriage is riddled with hemangiosarcoma spots.

Bogey's Sponsors

  • Gregory D'Avis, Atlanta, GA. In honor of Homer.
  • Danica Walker - Atlanta, GA. In honor of Jo.
  • Fiona Kaplin & Kyle Garwick - Atlanta, GA. In honor of our adopted basset Gatsby (formerly Tater), who we can't imagine life without!
  • Anonymous.
You can also sponsor a Basset Hound in need through our Georgia Peach program.


Daniel came to BHRG from the shelter in Floyd County where his owners left him. This red & white boy is 13 years old. He is healthy, neutered, and ready for adoption. He loves all kinds of attention. He likes to play with the other dogs in our home. He is nearly housetrained and is doing well with his crate training. Even though he was left to fend for himself, he hasn't displayed any food aggression towards the other dogs. His ears are so long that they lay in his water bowl when he is drinking. He loves to go for walks with his foster family and walks very well on his leash. He's very loving, has been starved for affection, and really needs a stable home. We think his name should be "George", as in Curious George, because he is always snooping around and looking for something to investigate. He is super-protective of his "person" and needs a dog-savvy, "alpha" person who can discipline him and keep him from being a "brat". A home without children would be best for Daniel.

Daniel's Sponsors

  • Wesley & Laura Diers - Dacula, GA. In honor of our beloved hound dogs: Buckley, Daphne, Lucy and Theodore.
  • Anonymous.
  • Elizabeth Brown, Atlanta, GA. In honor of our sweet Johnny & June.
  • Timothy Tapp - Avondale Estates, GA. In honor of Orion.
You can also sponsor a Basset Hound in need through our Georgia Peach program.


Evita is 8 years old. She has been around children but is not anxious to be with them. She doesn't respond to their attempts to play with her. She will keep her distance around anyone new. She hasn't warmed up to many and it's taken a long time for her to feel comfortable around them. She is easily startled by sudden sounds and movements. Evita doesn't tell you, as she seldom makes a sound, when she has to go outside, but will, most times, show you by walking or running and waiting at the door. You have to keep an eye on her. She has had an occasional accident. There are times she has to go out at any hour of the night. She will walk, or trot around in hopes someone will hear her or see that she wants to go outside before she heads for the door. Evita has ongoing medical problems that require frequent vet checks. She suffers from infections of her ears, eyes, and skin and joint pain. All must be treated once or twice a day with prescribed pills, ointments, mousse, and cleansers. Medicated baths are required every week or two. She also had a cancerous nodule removed and she is checked regularly for that but no other treatment needed has been required. Adoption Pending!

Evita's Sponsors

  • Mary Relfe Russell Torrey - Pullman, WA. In honor of our beloved basset, Foxy, who went to Heaven in June. Rest in peace my Angel.
  • Clark & Darlene McDonald - Johns Creek, GA. In honor of Honey and Satchmo, our rescued bassets, who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
  • Jennifer Weizenecker - Atlanta, GA. In honor of my snugglehound Penny.
  • Anonymous.
You can also sponsor a Basset Hound in need through our Georgia Peach program.

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